A moderate-difficulty round walk starting from the strikingly beautiful village of Halki, once the commercial hub of the island. We hike among the lush vegetation of Tragea Valley, discovering the most outstanding byzantine churches of the area, some of which are well-preserved and decorated with amazing frescoes. We walk in parallel to the gully and up an oak-forested landscape that leads to one of the most important churches in the whole Cycladic region Panagia Drosiani. Arriving at the village of Moni, you can enjoy the stunning view to the south and walk through orchards, olive groves, oaks and plane trees while heading towards the picturesque villages of Kaloxilos and Akadimi.

Level: moderate
Duration: 4h
Distance: 6.5 km
Other Technical Details:
Elevation gain: 221m, elevation loss: -221m, maximum inclination: 23.5% (asc.) -30.5% (desc.), average inclination: 7.0% (asc.) -6.1% (desc.)


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