An old footpath along the beautiful village of Myli, leads to the ancient aqueduct of the island. We hike up to the ancient quarry, where two huge statues (Kouros) lying on the
fertile ground; olive groves, orchards and an awesome walk by the shady riverside. We visit the old catholic church of Theoskepasti (today known as Ag. Mamas) and the nearby Episkopi – the summer residence of the catholic archbishop.

Level: easy
Duration: 4h 30min  ( plus time spent seeing the sights).
Distance: 8.8 km
Other Technical Details:
Elevation gain: 265m, elevation loss: -278m, maximum inclination: 27.2% (asc.) -27.3% (desc.), average inclination: 7.6% (asc.) -6.7% (desc.)


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