About us

We love trekking on the island all year round, enjoying the beautiful natural and historical landscape. We hike old tailored footpaths and discover forgotten ones. Our motivation is the beauty of the scenery and the charm of the historical sites that are spread around the island.

Naxos combines astonishing beaches with majestic mountain views. Pastures, farming fields, even lunar-like landscapes can be found here. Among them lie the scenic villages of Naxos linked together by a network of ancient footpaths. The trekking routes we suggest carry the charm of an ancient way of living and the power of the ever-lasting nature of our island.

Our Social Cooperative Enterprise aims to serve local and collective interests and to promote employment, social cohesion and local or regional development. We promote sectors, such as culture, environment protection, ecology, education, utility services, promotion of local products, maintenance of traditional activities and crafts, etc.

The tours are conducted in Greek, English and Spanish.

Yiota Margariti, Geologist
Tassos Marioglou, Physicist